F1 White Night 2015

Each year, key assets of the Australian F1 can be found scattered around the city as a part of the pre-event promotion. This year they needed a way to showcase an amazing Red Bull F1 car at Federation Square for the White Night festival. We also needed a way to secure the car stand during the day and overnight.

This year, the Red Bull F1 car was housed in our premium Glass Pod. Showcased at Federation Square for White Night Festival, the F1 campaign attracted maximum visibility in this prime Melbourne location, drawing crowds to the onsite ticket booth. The F1 car was illuminated at night, allowing fans and event goers to take photos and engage any time, day or night. We were proud to again work with the AGPC.

F1 White Night 2015F1 White Night 2015F1 White Night 2015F1 White Night 2015